Neils Franz Chirhart - Review for Neils, Franz & Chirhart


I hired this law firm from Minnesota to represent me in a child custody case and had nothing but problems.The biggest issue is their requirement of a large retainer up front.

I figured the retainer was paid, I can relax and let the pros take care of business. I was wrong. The initial retainer was used up very quickly. They would find every small thing to bill me for.

They would then demand another retainer or threaten to withdraw from the case. This went on for almost a year about every 3 months. Then they started asking for larger retainers. I really think they were trying to force me to let them go at that point.

I had submitted a financial affidavit and I don't think they liked what they saw. I felt hopeless. They would use up thousands of dollars in a matter of a couple of months. Motions would be filed and then not followed up on, courts dates would be made and then cancelled, all while I was getting billed.

They were very good at keeping the case in the courts tied up so they could keep billing me repeatedly. They made it hard to let them go because so much money was put into it. Eventually I had to come to the sad conclusion that this firm and Joann Evenson, a lawyer I worked with the most there had blatantly ripped me off and there was no recourse. I let her go and took on the case myself.

I had no other choice.It was difficult but I got the job done and the case resolved.

Review about: Child Custody.

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